AKT Credential Now Available to Corporate Trainers

Posted on September 27, 2013 by David Anderson

Lean Kanban University, Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) credentials are available to internal corporate trainers as well as trainers from independent training firms. There is a class of LKU membership called Internal-Corporate AKT. Such trainers are able to teach certified Kanban training classes internally at their firms and issue Lean Kanban University certificates to attendees.

The route to become an Internal-Corporate AKT is similar to regular AKTs. Candidates must attend the 5-day residential train-the-trainer class then co-train at least twice with an established AKT.

The next two train-the-trainer classes are in...
USA - Phoenix, AZ Oct 14-18
Register now ... http://www.djaa.com/ttt-phoenix22013
Europe - Lisbon, PT 25-29 Nov
Register now ... http://www.djaa.com/ttt-lisbon2013

Raymond Keating of CME Group was the first Internal-Corporate AKT. He is now offering Kanban training internally. The business case for developing and using internal AKTs is compelling. Meanwhile, he credential attaches to the individual and is therefore transferable if/when a trainer changes employer.

We really feel developing internal trainers is a differentiator for LKU as a training trade association and we expect to see significant growth in the numbers of Internal-Corporate AKTs.