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WIP Limits are for Adults too!

For some time now (at least since May 24th) Alistair Cockburn has been expressing a dissenting view about Kanban and the value of imposing WIP limits. I'd like to quote a number of his tweets on the topic. These are quotes from May 24th to 28th. You can follow Alistair on Twitter @totheralistair.

in reply to @ponderings Agreed - might call w limits "Kanban for Kindergardners" vs w/o limits "Kanban for Grownups". Why not treat them as adults?

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Kanban without Pull


My younger daughter’s pre-school uses a kanban system. I’d been staring at it for months without realizing it was a kanban system and after I did I was troubled by the fact that it wasn’t a pull system. So I had to think about it a bit.
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Kanban Blogosphere Roundup June 30th


It’s been a week since I posted one of these summaries. I’ve been busy on other stuff and haven’t had much time for blogging. Meanwhile, Kanban is generating on average 2 tweets per hour on Twitter and there has been some active new blogging and meetings in the past week.
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Kanban Blogosphere Roundup June 23rd


Jon Miller has started using his own personal kanban system. Read his adventures of the first day and note how kaizen events to make improvement kicked in almost immediately.
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Kanban and Lean Roundup June 22nd


In today’s roundup, I’m covering some more general Lean stuff that is flying under the more specific flag of Kanban. It’s amazing how people want to be associated with success.
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Re-th!nk[ing IT strategy]

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Kanban Tool Product Owner Cheat Sheet

So you are one of the many Kanbandwagon riders and your job is product owner prioritizing the feature list for your new Kanban management tool! Excellent! I commend your efforts. I love that there are so many new initiatives to create tooling for the growing band of Kanban adopters.

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Managing WIP isn't the same as Limiting WIP: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article I talked about how the evidence from the feature sets of popular Agile project management tools makes it evident that first generation Agile methods did not provide any guidance on limiting WIP or implementing a pull system. In part 2 I'd like to look at how Agile methods manage WIP and how this relates to Lean.

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Managing WIP isnt the same as Limiting WIP: Part 1

Recently, with the growth of blog and Twitter traffic about Kanban, there have been several people who've come forward with commentary to the effect that "we've been doing that all the time." Some have left comments on this site. Some have replied on Twitter. Some have blogged.