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Kanban and the DOI

In 2004 I was involved with a group of recognized professionals in the field of project management who came together to define what agile project management ought to mean. The outcome of those meetings was a statements of values, published in February 2005, given the name Declaration of Interdependence. While I’m not in love with the name and find it rather pompous, I find the content of the Declaration has stood the test of time over 6 years. While the declaration sought to define a value system by which modern 21st Century project managers should live, it’s secondary purpose to galvanize a community around general application of agile project management failed to materialize. Five years on, it is worth reflecting on my contribution to the DoI and how it aligns with the Kanban work that I am best known for since then.

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The Principles of the Kanban Method

First adopt the foundational principles ...

Start with what you do now
Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change
Respect the current process, roles, responsibilities & titles

Then (use the 5 Core Properties) ...

1. Visualize the workflow
2. Limit WIP
3. Manage Flow
4. Make Process Policies Explicit
5. Improve Collaboratively (using models & the scientific method)

Let's examine these elements one-by-one

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As time goes by, I learn a lot about articulating my ideas. I’ve recently updated how I communicate the core principles of the Kanban Method. [This post edited and updated September 2014].