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Presenter: Masa Kevin Maeda

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM MDT

Agile and its methodologies have had very positive impact in many organizations. Methodologies have matured over time to make them more effective, and limits have been identified as diverse discussions at conferences have shown in the last few years. Lean has been gradually accepted as a way to broaden our perspective to mature teams and organizations; and Kanban is a recent method that has been showing tremendous benefits through continuous improvement and accelerating maturity. In this webinar Masa will give us: • An introduction to Lean and to how it fits perfectly well with Agile • A brief introduction to Kanban to understand some of its benefits.

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This year we are announcing the nominees for the Brickell Key Awards in advance of our conference in Long Beach on May 3rd to 6th. The awards will be presented at our banquet dinner on May 5th. All attendees of the conference are invited to attend the event for an additional $75 fee.

You can read about the nominees here

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Banish "Priority" and "Prioritization"

Those of you who’ve attended my classes or workshops or talked with me at conferences this past year, or read the Kanban book very carefully will notice that I have purged the use of the words “priority” and “prioritization.” I’d like to explain why…

“Priority” is something that Don Reinertsen would refer to as a “proxy variable.” It is an artifact that masks real risk information such as “cost of delay”, required skills, technical impact, transaction cost information and so on.