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By Dominica DeGrandis

There is going to be a DevOps & Kanban meetup the evening of March 22 near Mountain View, CA.  It’s free!  I’ll be there along with some leaders from the Devops community.  Check out the attendee list!

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18 Firms Join Together to put Standards into Kanban Training

I’ve been on vacation this past week skiing with my children. Some very rare quality time with my family. I managed to stay offline almost all week and I was absent for what I believe is a remarkable business achievement. 18 firms joined together to form the Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training program.

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Kanban Weekly Roundup - Feb 22, 2012

By Dominica DeGrandis

The big news this week comes to us from Lean Kanban University – read on for details on the new accredited Kanban training program.

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Kanban for Devops - Bay Area, CA March 22-23, 2012

with Dominica DeGrandis (instructor)

Two leaders from the Devops community - John Willis @botchagalupe and Gene Kim @RealGeneKim join us for this special Kanban for Devops class and a special evening Devops & Kanban meetup.

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Kanban Weekly Roundup - Feb 8, 2012

By Dominica DeGrandis

A short list this week, but a powerful concept - we look at the benefit of team metrics vs. Individual metrics. 

There will be an interlude with the Kanban Weekly Roundup next week - I will be in Budapest co-training a class with David Anderson.  David will be covering Kanban for Software Engineering and I will be speaking on Kanban for IT Operations.

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Kanban Weekly Roundup - Feb 2, 2012

By Dominica DeGrandis
Everyone (myself included) seems to be having a crazy busy week. 2012 appears to be evolving rapidly.  Let’s remember to find the solitude necessary for creativity and balance.  Speaking of balance…