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Our Regional Strategy for Kanban in Europe

Last year, Lean Kanban University started to develop a regional strategy for raising awareness of Kanban within Europe. It had become evident that Europeans prefer to attend events within their own language region and that demand for basic information, case studies and access to experts on Kanban was growing across the whole continent. As travel budgets tightened and tolerance for travel outside the language or cultural region was low, the best way to serve the growing demand was to create a series of regional events.

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Tolerance #3 - Are We Doing Kanban or Not?

Returning to my series of posts on tolerance and variation after a 3 month break, I’d like to examine a question I’m often asked, “Are we doing Kanban or not?”

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Reducing Variability for Improved Competitiveness

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a short blog post like this one. Such stories used to be common in the early days of this blog. Many of those are captured, freshly updated, copy edited and embellished with contemporary commentary in my new book, Lessons in Agile Management. This new post inspired by a story on the BBC today, gives you a taste of what’s hidden in the archives.

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Going forward Lean Kanban University will be administered by Katrin Dietze working part-time as an independent contractor.

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Kanban Roundup - July 3, 2012

note – text is in German and Google translate may come in handy. Scroll down for video.