Posted on October 30, 2014 by David Anderson

Kanban Coaching Masterclasses in 2015

We've listed only 1 public Kanban Coaching Masterclass for 2015 in San Diego in January on the week of the 19th. So far we have 11 out of 12 places subscribed and one client expects to fill that final place. We will be listing a 2nd spillover class also in January for the week of 12th January. This should be posted by end of next week. If you are interested in attending a 2015 masterclass please follow the sales link at the bottom of this page. We do not plan to list any more public masterclasses in 2015.

Posted on October 17, 2014 by David Anderson

Kanban Litmus Test - Revisited

The Kanban Litmus Test is our new guidance to help you assess "are we doing Kanban or not?" and to evaluate whether other who claim to be doing have actually reached a stage that would reflect the sort of impact that we saw in early implementations almost a decade ago.

Posted on October 17, 2014 by David Anderson

Enterprise Kanban: Where to Start?

For a corporation setting out on a large scale Kanban implementation, there is the inevitable question of, where to start? Typically, clients want to run a pilot on a single service delivery workflow but which one to choose? Firstly, we must find a service delivery workflow that is appropriate for a kanban system. [See the first post in this series on appropriateness of kanban systems]. To do this, we might view the organization through The Kanban Lens in order to identify suitable services. Secondly, we must assess whether this service is a good choice for a place to start Kanban.

Posted on September 05, 2014 by David Anderson

Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass Curriculum

For the first time, I'm posting our curriculum for the Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass. This new curriculum is scoped within the Modern Management Framework and takes effect in Masterclasses offered after November 1st 2014.

Posted on July 21, 2014 by David Anderson

The Value of the KCP Masterclass

I've listed a whole series of Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Masterclasses for the 2nd half of 2012. These classes are typically residential and can be consumed as 2 x 3-days or in a single 5-day week long intensive class. Typically 4 out of 5 people are choosing the 5-day version of the class since we introduced it at the beginning of 2014. These classes are a big commitment in time and money and we often get asked where the value is? I'd like  to explain.

Posted on December 11, 2013 by David Anderson

Kanban Coaching Masterclass - Changes for 2014

In 2013, my Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Masterclass has proven popular and influential. During my recent tur of Europe, 4 individuals who attended the class in the first half of the year each approached me with their own stories that amounted to the class had been life changing professionally and personally. I've been very happy with the curriculum this past year. It's been very settled and consistent...

Posted on November 08, 2013 by David Anderson

Kanban's 3 Agendas

The Kanban Method is well known for its "start with what you do now" evolutionary approach. When I'm training coaches, I train them to be very neutral and with those from the Agile community, I train them to put their Agile advocacy aside with Kanban. The Kanban approach is about evolving to greater agility, if that is what is needed in a business. Not one of "install an Agile method." However ,Kurt Hausler argued, after attended the coaching masterclass, that Kanban does have its biases and that as Kanban coaches we should be more willing to embrace those biases and more transparent about them. The resultant debate in the community has led to the definition of Kanban's 3 Agendas: Sustainability; Service-orientation; Survivability.

Posted on October 10, 2012 by admin

What People are Saying About My 3-Day Advanced Masterclass

Alumni of my coaching and leadership masterclass for advanced Kanban practitioners have taken the time to tell us why they valued the experience and what it means for them and their clients…

Posted on August 28, 2012 by David Anderson

What Kanban Coaches Do, and Don't Do

I’m realizing that predominantly Agile coaches/consultants have a lot of misunderstanding about what it takes to be a Kanban coach. Consequently, they believe that Kanban is just another method they can deploy using the same coaching/consulting techniques they use for Agile methods. This assumption would be wrong. Not just a little wrong - completely wrong! As a result of this assumption some Agile coaches wishing to offer Kanban as part of their services and as a tool in their toolbox, may be undervaluing the utility of attending my 3-day Advanced Kanban Masterclass for coaches, consultants and managers.