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Kanban's Galapagos Island

Isolating Kanban

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Our Regional Strategy for Kanban in Europe

Last year, Lean Kanban University started to develop a regional strategy for raising awareness of Kanban within Europe. It had become evident that Europeans prefer to attend events within their own language region and that demand for basic information, case studies and access to experts on Kanban was growing across the whole continent. As travel budgets tightened and tolerance for travel outside the language or cultural region was low, the best way to serve the growing demand was to create a series of regional events.

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Tolerance #3 - Are We Doing Kanban or Not?

Returning to my series of posts on tolerance and variation after a 3 month break, I’d like to examine a question I’m often asked, “Are we doing Kanban or not?”

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I’m proud to be the opening key note speaker at the first Lean Kanban Southern Europe Conference in Madrid, Spain next month. This small event is an attempt to emulate the first Lean Kanban conference in Miami in 2009 and catalyze the emergence of a strong community in Spain and Portugal. It’s a 2 day event with a single track of top quality international speakers the first day with 2 tracks on the 2nd day, one offering a full day of Spanish presentations with speakers from Spain, USA, Peru and Argentina. The pricing makes the event accessible for Spanish and Portuguese attendees in these tough economic times and makes this a truly low cost opportunity to learn Kanban and meet some of the leading practitioners from around Europe and further afield. There is still time to register. Pricing starts at 445 euros + VAT. Register now! Come enjoy Madrid and build your network of Limited WIP Society members.

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One aspect of our Boston Lean Party, conference week next monththat I am particularly excited about is the full 1-day open space event that will be led by Jim Benson, Lean Camp New England. It’s available as a separate one day registration for $300. Lean Camp Registration

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The 2012 edition of our Lean Software & Systems Conference is almost upon us. I’m particularly proud of this year’s edition and the team who’ve worked hard to put it together. I thought I’d take a few minutes to reflect on why I’m referring to it as the Boston Lean Party and why I feel it will such a worthwhile gathering…

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I’d like to bring to your attention the new Practical Kanban Guide from the Microsoft ALM Rangers. Adam Gilmore in the UK has led this effort but I believe it had many contributors.

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With the launch of the Lean Kanban University accredited Kanban training program there has been some commentary questioning whether I and LKU have the right to assert ourselves with such authority. These issues are worth addressing. The questioners suggest whether I invented Kanban or own it and if not then what gives LKU legitimacy to trade as we intend to do, offering standardized accredited training delivered by accredited trainers? While these questions are coming from outside the community and it would be easy to dismiss them as coming from disgruntled people with an axe to grind or sour grapes to squash, I believe the questions are worth addressing.

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18 Firms Join Together to put Standards into Kanban Training

I’ve been on vacation this past week skiing with my children. Some very rare quality time with my family. I managed to stay offline almost all week and I was absent for what I believe is a remarkable business achievement. 18 firms joined together to form the Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training program.

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Kanban Leadership Workshop   San Diego, CA - Mar 6-8, 2012

This 3-day leadership/coaching workshop with David is limited to just 12 people.