Kanban for IT Services & Operations - Dearborn, MI Mar 12-13, 2012

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David J. Anderson’s An Official “Kanban - Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” Class

with Dominica DeGrandis (instructor)


IT Operations & Services teams are often plagued by problems related to the constant flood of demands for their time.  This 2-day workshop introduces how the Kanban Method can help Ops teams balance that demand against their capability to deliver.  Teams who build and maintain software systems can realize many benefits from a strong alliance with internal and external customers.  We will look at how using a service-delivery approach can help unify teams and promote cross-functional collaboration.

We begin by studying the demand on your team, department or organization and learn how to gather data to understand the capability of your system and how it operates.  Discussions and interactive exercises on the Kanban Method will address the following topics:

- Specialization and bottlenecks
- Dependencies on external groups
- Interlude from never-ending work
- Early input mechanisms
- Variable task size
- Interrupt driven work

We will also look at ways to manage risks related to the increasing complexity around software delivery and support.  Attendees play the “Kanban for Ops” version of the GetKanban game.
Working in small teams, class attendees will analyze and design a Kanban system that they can bring back to the organization to implement right away.

Based on David J. Anderson’s book “Kanban - Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business”, attendees of the class will receive a copy of the book.

Class Schedule

Day 1 Kanban Mechanics
- Demand Analysis
- Workflow Mapping
- Visualization
- Work Item Types
- Work-in-progress Limits
- Classes of Service
- Kanban Simulation Game -  customized for Operations

Day 2 Kanban Progression
- Kanban System design
- Operations Review
- Case Studies
- Risk Management
- Metrics
- Service Level Agreements (SLA)
- Variability and predictability
- How to Get Started with Kanban

Is this for you?

This training provides a useful perspective for improving work done on the periphery of software development.  If ever-more frequent deliveries from software development are increasing pressure on your teams and creating bottlenecks in the delivery process, look at Kanban to extend agility and balance to IT services and operations teams.  From Data Administrative Services to Deployment & Release Managers to Help Desk, this class covers beginning to intermediate level material.



About the presenter

Dominica specializes in Kanban for IT Services and Operations - with teams interacting with software development. She spent her first 15 years in software engineering deeply embedded in Development teams performing builds, deployments and environment maintenance. She has worked in organizations of all sizes, from the US Army, Boeing, and AT&T to small start-ups. Dominica first worked for David Anderson at Corbis in 2006 where she helped deliver the first implementation of Kanban for software engineering in the US. Adept at leading teams performing Configuration Management and Release Management, Dominica found a passion for improving the way development and operations teams work together.