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By Dominica DeGrandis

We are packing our bags for Europe this week!  With conferences in Sweden and Germany, we anticipate opportunities to meet and talk with some really interesting people - thought leaders of our time!

Maarten Volders (@AgileMinds, http://www.agileminds.be/) posted 589 pics from the Lean Kanban Benelux conference held in Belgium last week (#lkbe11).

Looks like the conference slides and videos will be available next week!

Yuval Yeret recently blogged on, “How Kanban and TOC Critical Chain Relate”.  He discusses the similarities between Multi-Project Critical Chain and Kanban for driving improvement. Yuval points out that while generalization is a worthy vision of Kanban, many organizations simply cannot achieve that (ex: SysAdmins, DBA’s).  Therefore, the need to understand the capability of a specialist is key to avoid overburdening them and abusing our scarcest of resources.

InfoQ recorded QCon London 2011 with Benjamin Mitchell presenting, “Can the Kanban Method Avoid Becoming Another Management Fad?”

Devopsdays (the conference that brings development and operations together) is happening in Goteborg, Sweden Oct 14-15.  Am really looking forward to hearing Mattias Jansson and Noa Resare present “A Case Study in Operations and Development Integration at Spotify” and how they used kanban to avoid overloading teams and dealing with “short term panicky stuff”.

Next week, I’ll be attending the 1st Lean Kanban Central Europe conference in Munich. Twitter hashtag is #lkce11.  Looking forward to keynotes from John Seddon, Kent Beck, David Anderson and Stephen Bungay.  And Jurgen Appelo’s is presenting “Complexity Thinking? Or Systems Thinking++?”!  But Darn!  it’s at the same time as Fridtjof Detzner and Sönke Rümpler’s talk on “Why Kanban Fits the Jimdo Culture”.  Good thing th