Kanban Leadership Retreat - Monterey, California 2014 - Schedule


Kanban Leadership Retreat - daily schedule
January 13-15, 2014
Monterey, California, USA
The Kanban Leadership Retreat is operated in a Consultant Camp format. This is a style of "unconference" designed for residential retreats. The sessions are planned on site and run by the attendees.

Sessions are held in the morning and evening, leaving the afternoon free to explore Monterey and Carmel, try the many available recreational activities, and bond with others in the Kanban community.

All attendees will stay at the Sanctuary Beach Resort hotel. Be sure to book your departing flight no earlier than Thursday, January 16. Sessions run late Wednesday and you will also need time to get back to the airport.

Planning to attend the LKU Partner Meeting? This will be held on Monday, January 13 just before the Kanban Leadership Retreat. This meeting is for active AKTs or KCPs.  A separate registration fee applies. You will need to add a Sunday night hotel stay to attend.
LKU Partner Meeting details and registration

You have the option to participate in a Meeting on Kanban Market Development. This will be held on Thursday, January 16 just after the Kanban Leadership Retreat. This meeting is open to anyone.

If you are attending the Market Development Meeting, you may choose to stay over Thursday night. Keep in mind that it takes at least 1.5 hours to get back to San Francisco, so if you are flying out you need to allow time.

There is an additional cost to attend the Kanban Market Development Meeting.
Kanban Market Development Meeting details and registration

For more information about local area recreational opportunities,
try the Monterey Area Recreation Guide

You are welcome to extend your stay before or after the Retreat

Transportation is available to/from the San Francisco Airport or San Jose Airport.

For more information on transportation, please email for complete details

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