Posted on April 17, 2012 by admin

One aspect of our Boston Lean Party, conference week next monththat I am particularly excited about is the full 1-day open space event that will be led by Jim Benson, Lean Camp New England. It’s available as a separate one day registration for $300. Lean Camp Registration

It has been evident from previous events that open space only works when it has a dedicated time slot on the program. This year we were restricted by venue availability to May 13-16th for the main conference. It is amazing how few venues there are in Boston for a conference of 300-450 people. Even planning more than one year in advance, we had limited choices available. When we settled on the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center, we knew we would have Sunday, May 13th on the program. The question was, what to do with a Sunday?

The answer was create a one day open space event and make it available as a separate registration at an affordable price so that local enthusiasts for Agile methods, process improvement and Lean could come together with our elite world class invitation only speaker list and share their experiences peer-to-peer. And who better to put in charge of this than Jim Benson, the leader of the Personal Kanban movement, the founder of Lean Coffee, and organizer of the Seattle Lean Camp in 2011.

Lean Camp New England provides a unique opportunity to collaborate and share your Lean, Kanban and process improvement challenges with a truly global set of participants. Our event will feature participants from Europe, the Middle-East, South America and Australasia, together with Americans, Canadians and especially local enthusiasts from the Massachusetts and greater New England region. We can’t confirm any Asian or African participants at this time but who knows. Single day open space, “camp” events, tend to be local in nature. They help foster a community of peers but rarely is there the opportunity to integrate such an experienced set of global practitioners.

So register, come along to the World Trade Center Boston, its a spectacular venue with great views of the Boston waterfront, and make your own program - get the answers you need from the experts, and meet a whole new set of peers and turn them into long lasting friends. Lean Camp New England! The must attend event in May!

Attendees of the Lean Software & Systems Conference should insure that they also registered for Lean Camp. It may not be included in your registration.

To register visit http://lssc12.leanssc.org/ and make a date on May 13th.