LeanKanban Kanban Foundation Curriculum

Posted on September 04, 2014 by David Anderson

As part of our continuing sneak peak of the new LeanKanban Modern Management Framework, I want to show how we are using it to define and communicate the curriculum for individual training classes. We are now offering a wide range of training classes at different levels. Here we look at the 2-day Kanban Foundation level training...

Kanban Foundation Level Curriculum

Kanban Foundation Level Curriculum

Subject Area Index

This figure shows the scope of the Kanban Foundation level training curriculum framed within the broader LeanKanban Modern Management Framework. This shows the focus of the "Getting Started with Kanban" class is to understand how to use kanban systems and to design kanban boards. It also very clearly calls out the difference between a kanban system and a kanban board which visualizes the kanban system. Some basic metrics and service level agreements are also covered together with the Principles and General Practices of the Kanban Method for evolutionary change, together with the Standup Meeting as a feedback loop in that evolutionary process, and the Kanban Lens as a mindset for understanding an organization as a set of services.

What the curriculum doesn't show is how the class is delivered. It doesn't reveal the use of simulation games such as getKanban or that the 2nd day of the class uses the STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban) method implemented as a set of collaborative class exercises in order to design a kanban system and board for a specific real world situation. The Modern Management Framework describes a set of management methods, practices and tools, it doesn't describe our training methods. Hence it wouldn't be appropriate to include aspects such as games. I've also chosen to omit STATIK from the curriculum diagram. STATIK is used to deliver the class but there isn't any specific curriculum content teaching the use of STATIK. STATIK is covered in the new Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass.