Our Training Strategy for North America in 2014

Posted on December 11, 2013 by David Anderson

Since forming Lean Kanban University in 2011 and creating a group of accredited trainers, David J. Anderson & Associates has backed away from offering open 2-day Kanban classes with the exception of new market and niche offerings such as our Kanban for IT Operations classes, with Dragos Dumitriu as the trainer. This is about to change in North America as we move to a direct selling and market development model for many regions of the country.

Our strategy for open 2-day Kanban training was to develop a network of partner firms, all members of Lean Kanban University, and have their accredited trainers offer certified classes in their local markets, often in their local languages. This strategy has worked well in Europe, South America and to a limited extend in Australasia. However, it has not worked well in North America. We've had a very limited number of partners offering classes in limited markets such as Calgary, Winnipeg, Dallas, Washington DC and Boston. We've learned from Europe that to build the market for high quality Kanban training, it is necessary to have a presence and to offer classes, often with initially poor attendance, and as awareness grows of the value, the class attendance and wider adoption of Kanban in firms within that region grows.

Going into 2014, we will be offering extensive 2-day open classes for Kanban at both Foundation Level and Advanced Practitioner Level with Russell Healy, Dragos Dumitriu, David J. Anderson and other associates, offering classes throughout the Mid-west Western United States and some other key markets such as Boston, New York and Washington DC.

Brickell Key Award winner, Russell Healy, creator the getKanban simulation game, will be offering 2 open classes per month, as one of our associates. We're thrilled to have Russell on our team and excited to see him offer both Foundation and Advanced Practitioner classes in California and the western states. David J. Anderson will be tourning the Midwest and Eastern cities offering the Advanced Practitioner class, co-training with other AKTs to develop the market and bring our North American trainers up-to-speed on the new curriculum.

During the first half of 2014 we plan to visit: San Deigo, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Austin, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington DC. We hope to announce more destinations soon. Would you like Russell or Dragos to visit your city and offer an open Kanban class? If so please comment, or contact our marketing team directly. For details of all our classes please check our training page.