Recommendations for Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass

Posted on September 20, 2014 by David Anderson

Recent attendees of the Masterclass tell you what they valued and why you should attend...

David's approach to training is truly unique. I now have a different lens to view my team's upstream work, current work in progress, and deeper knowledge on how to communicate risk without disrupting the flow of changes throughout the organization.  What David has created with his, Modern Management Framework, is a revolutionary way of thinking for an evolutionary way of change. Jay Paulson


It was an awesome class and it worth spending 5 days! The most valuable thing for me from the Masterclass was the case studies. The next awesome factor was the comparison of Bruce Lee's teaching to a system of Kanban implementation. Suganthi Alagumalai


After taking the Master Class, I now have a much deeper understanding of kanban systems, flow efficiency, fitness for purpose, etc. This definitely gives me a huge advantage over the other Agile coaches and a significant value add to my clients.

I have taken several Agile training's over the last few years and David by far has the most credible experience to back up the concepts he teaches. You will not only learn about Kanban and broaden your view on Agile, but you will also learn about the world through his hands-on experience. Its a class worth taking for sure! Sanjeev Raman


Attending David's kanban coaching professional class is certainly the most astonishing training experience in my life. I learned some much useful tools and new knowledge as a consultant. After came back from the class, I use the lean metrics based on kanban a lot, it is very helpgful when you communicate with C level executives. Adam Wu


The Masterclass was the most transformative training I have ever been to!

I went to the class unsure of what more I could learn than clarifying what is in the book because most trainings I go to are a dry and dogmatic recitation of theory or uninspired basic examples. I was wonderfully surprised with the application I was able to take away and apply to my organization the week I got back.

David sets the entire conversation on the fundamentals of human behavior and impediments to change management, including introducing Kanban to an organization. With this powerful mental framework to approach change management, putting the pieces of Kanban in place at an organization becomes self-evident and gave each attendee the power to accurately apply the training in an organizational context.

David also draws on his extensive experience to give practical and entertaining examples of what works and what doesn't in the real world. The reason this works so well is because he is refreshingly honest and self-aware about his own successes and shortcomings in these experiences and helps the class learn from his experiences. He also has the class engage in case-studies that support the fundamentals that he is trying to teach, rather than spending time on boring exercises that won't translate to your organization.

In addition, the ecosystem David and his team puts together at the venues to support relationship building and adult learning styles, from great food to appropriate class blocks and break times, allows for great retention of the material. I can't say enough about this class. If you have the opportunity to go to the Masterclass and do not, you are making a real mistake.

Kevan Gray


The class transformed the way I approach enterprise transformation to become one of a service delivery mindset...and it made me realize that I could have taken a different approach with some of my past clients, and that I should course correct with my current client. Latha Swamy


Taking KCP masterclass right before LKNA 2014 conference was great timing for me! Spending 8-9 hours with David for those 5 days was a great experience for all 8 of us! David gave us an advanced overview & coaching tips that I have been applying to work with kanban/scrumban teams ever since!

On the metrics front, I have been introducing "evolutionary change" in the way I am now capturing and applying kanban metrics.

Kudos to David for connecting me at LKNA 2014 with the lean kanban community experts behind concepts like "Deep Kanban Framework", "" simulation game, and coaches/leaders that applied "kanban at scale" at companies like AmDocs, Siemens and Ericsson. I had a glipse of those experience reports via several case studies during KCP masterclass.

Those 2 weeks changed my outlook and perspective so much, that I have been evangelizing Kanban Method as an evolutionary alternative to prescriptions from scrum coaches at and beyond workplaces. Thank you David for giving me enough ammunition to deal with practical choices when working with process purists & chauvinists! I now plan to persue KCP certification which - I think - is at par with or exceeds CSC/CST certification, as it has much more rigor than any certification process I have studied so far!

Ravi Tadwalkar


The Masterclass helped me work with the Agile Project Office and colleagues to focus on moving to a deeper implementations of Kanban. The Masterclass risk content has been very engaging for senior stakeholders. Until now, C level executives used rudimentary tools for assessing and managing risk.Michael Finocchio