What People are Saying About My 3-Day Advanced Masterclass

Posted on October 10, 2012 by admin

Alumni of my coaching and leadership masterclass for advanced Kanban practitioners have taken the time to tell us why they valued the experience and what it means for them and their clients…

Jeff Anderson of Deloitte in Toronto said

The instruction and coaching I received as part of the Kanban leadership class has added foundational thinking tools to effect organizational change.  As the lead for Deloitte LEAN, a service offering dedicated to helping technology workers excel in their craft, I can speak first hand to the influence David’s class has had on how I have conducted numerous large scale organizational transformation initiatives.

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I’m very delighted I participated in this Kanban masterclass, with trainer and author David Andersson and a group of very experienced agile coaches. The class gave me lots of hands on advice and new insights about change management, process evolution and communication in different levels of organizations, with techies as well as executives.


After this class I can understand more about what’s happening at my workplace and how I can address serious issues in agile transitions or taking the next step in mature organizations and teams.

I also learned about implementing change in small steps and how Kanban differs from some other common agile approaches.

I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in change management and work processes in IT heavy organizations. Also for you who believe you already know everything about Kanban & Lean - there is always much more too learn.”

Ulrika Park, Stockholm

The distinctive blend of content and culture that characterizes this community continues to draw me and more importantly others in our organization back for more.  Through his work (grounded in the work of Donald Reinertsen), we have learned how to make a start at organically transforming our organization. We have learned from Books, Blogs, Videos, Conferences LSSC et. al., introductory training, advanced training, leadership retreats. We have learned about culture.  We have seen healthy culture.  We look forward to learning more.

The Advanced training is an opportunity to hear DJA’s latest thinking and experience reports from the field. You will get a chance to meet others working some of the same problems in their places of work.

Gary Perkerwicz, Minneapolis

As a process consultant, I found the three day class to be an excellent investment. By the end of the workshop, I was much more confident in my ability to assist clients in implementing the Kanban method in their organizations. The knowledge I gained allowed me to be to be more productive and in the end, more valuable to my clients. Because of this additional value I was able to provide, I was quickly able to recoup my investment.

Steve Porter, Canada

Since LeanKit makes Kanban products for knowledge workers, David Anderson’s books literally created the market that we serve. So we naturally have the highest gratitude and respect for him as a trailblazer and thought leader. But, authors and thought leaders can sometimes be, well, academic - their advice not practical when it comes time to implement. That’s not at all the case with David. Several of us have attended his classes and Kanban Leadership Retreats and we plan to send more of our team in the future. His teaching style is engaging and practical. His material is rich with real world examples. And the caliber of fellow attendees, and the conversation that engenders, is phenomenal. David and his team are on the elite short list of Lean-Kanban trainers around the globe

Jon Terry, LeanKit Kanban, Nashville

I attended the 3-day coaching and leadership class ran by David Anderson of David J Anderson and associates. I found this class very interesting and useful, the interactive nature and the depth of knowledge and stories that David brought to the class brought the concepts that are covered in his book Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business to life.

I found this class valuable and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in deeper understanding of the Kanban method.

Nader Talai, London

This Kanban masterclass has helped me to deeply understand the Kanban method, with a more organizational and management point of view. Advanced topics such as change and risks management, and other models have been covered, which makes it complementary to David’s Kanban training class.

The workshop format allows great conversations with other Kanban practitioners with different contexts, and different implementations, leads by David, which brings the real richness of this class.

Laurent Morriseau, France

We had the pleasure of attending the Kanban Leadership Workshop in Vienna 2011. The format was very open and flexible and this allowed us to elaborate and dig down into details to a level that you normally doesn’t do in other, normal training. So if you want to go beyond the normal skill and really master Kanban, this is the one training you should attend!

The workshop gave us an extra dimension to Kanban where the bits and pieces come to place. The Workshop also gave us the opportunity to discuss Kanban from our reality. It was also great to get the opportunity to discuss things like leadership, management issues and risk handling.

So from our point of view it was very well spent days, which gave us the extra understanding that was needed in order to be able to have a good Kanban implementation in our company and to be able to act as good coaches for Kanban.

Petra Hallin, Asa Zetterlund, Anders Jonsson, Volvo IT, Gothernburg, Sweden

I referred to David’s coaching and leadership class a “master class” with good reason. As a musician, I’ve been to many master classes where you are able to spend focused time on specific challenges with the best of the best. That is what David’s coaching and leadership class felt like - rewarding time with other accomplished professionals and “the masters.” That is a rare opportunity in today’s professional training environment.

Michael Robillard, McKesson, Colorado

I attended David Anderson’s 3-day Kanban Leadership Workshop in January 2012. The workshop combined in depth discussion, interactive workshop activities, and a Kanban game experience in a fluid, small class environment. My keen interests in exploring specific topics—including upstream Kanban, change management, Kanban design, pull criteria, metrics, and more—were thoroughly satisfied.

A chief benefit of attending is that the master in Kanban for software products, David Anderson, delivers this course. I found the ability to dive deep, test out ideas for handling issues for specific projects, interact with other experienced lean and Kanban experts, and learning from “the master” to be a rich, intense, and rewarding experience.

Ellen Gottesdiener

I was fortunate to be able to take David Anderson’s Kanban Leadership Class. If I base my understanding of Kanban only on books and discussion groups and blogs it remains flat and lifeless.  The guided interactions with David and the rest of the class brought Kanban to life for me. The experience enabled me to view Kanban with the passion and depth that are necessary when working with those that are new to it. I’m glad I took the course and I hope to take it again.

Alan Atlas

The Kanban Coaching class provided by David J Anderson was of tremendous value to me and my organization.  Through the training I gained a deeper understanding of the principles that are the foundation of the Kanban method and of approaches to applying those principles in various situations.  Another benefit was learning the value of trading the many times hostile and defensive relationship we have with other internal organizations and with customers, to one of humility, open collaboration and partnership.  That alone yielded immediate benefits upon my return from the training by improving the conversations and reducing impedance.

Miguel O Alvarez